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Bisexuality, Spirituality and Orgasms

“Bisexuality, Spirituality and Orgasms” – LISTEN NOW to Stay Woke w/ Tuan N’Gai feat. Special Guest Autumn Forrester-Light

Stay Woke 003 – Autumn Forrester-Light.


My Wife, My Whore, My Baby Mama

“He said he wants me to be his wife, his whore, and the mother of his children. Then he proposed to me.”  That is something a young lady said on her Facebook page.  She was happy.  Celebrating her new engagement.  But, like clockwork, a firestorm of negative comments rang out from empowered black women.  She was accused of having low self-esteem.  She was berated for letting a man talk to her like that.  How DARE she revel in male misogyny and set the black female struggle back 50 years!  Why did she think it was a compliment?  Why did so many people congratulate her like she had accomplished something great?  I mean, since when did “whore” become a compliment or an aspiration?  Right?

Though I understand the people who disagreed with his choice of words, I have to say I disagree with it.  This is a relationship between a man and HIS woman; a woman and HER man.  Who the HELL are outsiders to tell them what is and is not appropriate in their relationship?  Who died and made anyone else’s opinion relevant to their thing?  If this young lady wasn’t offended, because the word isn’t a negative one within the bonds of her engagement, I think everyone else should just get somewhere and SADDOWN!

I honestly think he was telling her, “Baby, all I need, I’ve found in you.  You are just ALL the woman I need.  For a home-cooked meal and clean house, I can come home to you.  For all the low-down, gutter-butt, freak nasty pornographic fantasies I want fulfilled in the bedroom that I can’t share with anyone else, I know you got me.  There is no other woman I want to bear my seed.  You are EVERY woman to me!”

I think the young man exercised maturity and had the balls to freely say what he loves about her in the most vulnerable and uncensored way.  What’s wrong with that?  If more people had the type of relationship where they were safe and free to say exactly what they felt, HOW they felt it without the threat or fear of judgement, we just may have a better society.  The world needs this type of honesty.  Furthermore, what’s wrong with having a wife (or partner) who is so sexually uninhibited they satisfy every little sexual fetish you have?  What’s wrong with that?

The way I see it, the women who were going in on this young lady were jealous.  They weren’t empowered women at all. They were bitter, insecure, hurt and angry women who probably are in need of a 15-minute toe curling, body-rocking orgasm their damn selves!  When you violently berate others because they don’t agree with your point of view, or don’t know the whole story, that’s not empowerment boo boo, you really need to get off your high horse and live a little.  Maybe if you weren’t so uptight, and were free enough to be someone’s personal whore, you might be getting wifed up to.

Operation: REBIRTH

Since 2004, I have been proudly working in social justice ministry.  Being the co-founder of Operation:  REBIRTH ( has been a joyous (and sometimes frustrating) labor of love.  Over the years, I’ve been blessed to meet hundreds of people, speak on countless panels, conduct workshops, appear at book signings and preach at churches all over the country.  I have been adamant that Operation: REBIRTH would not be an organization, but a movement whereby homophobia is defeated, and justice reigns for all people.

The first thing we did with Operation: REBIRTH was to call the churches who preach and practice homophobia to the carpet in hopes of creating dialogue that would bring the community together so much needed healing could begin.  We learned early on that as marginalized people, if we are ever going to make ground in claiming our rightful places we will have to work together to make it happen.  Unfortunately, the church seems to be uninterested in embracing diversity.  So, Operation: REBIRTH took the stance that we would support the LGBT affirming or “radically inclusive” churches to build.  Once again we found that in most cases, the affirming churches were more interested in building big churches vs. building strong communities.

So, here we are in 2011.  After years of not updating the O.R. website, we are still seeing thousands of hits per month.  We are still getting hundreds of emails from all over the world asking for support, pleas for prayer, and asking if there is anything we can do to help people gain momentum in their communities.  We are proud to say we have helped people and are still regarded as leaders in the fight to kill homophobia and injustice.  Me and my partner in crime are amazed that something started seven years ago is still relevant work.  And no matter how badly we wanted to just let it go and be whatever it has been, we can’t.  The need for Operation: REBIRTH is too great.  This is something that is bigger than we thought it would be.  The work is bigger than us.

So, as co-founder of this profound movement, I would like to reiterate that YOU are Operation: REBIRTH!  I also ask what are you doing… what work CAN you do to help take the movement further?  What can you do to make Operation: REBIRTH a living and breathing organism, and not just a website or group on Facebook?  And since “silence equals consent”, what is your voice saying?

I promised GOD that I would honor the ancestors and the loved ones I’ve lost over the years by fighting the good fight of faith by empowering as many people as I could to lift their voices and cry out against injustice or abuse in any form.  Join with me and countless others all over the world.  Together, we can continue the legacy of those who came before us and make the world a better place for those following in our footsteps.

What’s Next for New Birth and Bishop Eddie Long? I’ll tell you…


So, Bishop Eddie Long and his four accusers have come to a settlement out of court.  How many of us didn’t see that coming?  From the onset of this scandal, I think it was understood that the good bishop wouldn’t let this go to trial.  Which makes me wonder, what was so damaging, so disturbing, so scandalous that good ol’ Lacefront Eddie would pay $15 MILLION to keep it from becoming public record?  HIS GUILT!

Bishop Long got on worldwide television and talked about how he wasn’t the man that was being portrayed in the media.  He declared how he would fight this.  And to thunderous applause and cheers he SWORE that he was like David facing Goliath, and how he had 5 stones and hadn’t thrown one.  I guess those stones were worth $3 million each.  The last time I read the story of David and Goliath, David didn’t negotiate with the giant, he killed him and cut his head off.  David was a warrior and a king, not a child molesting hypocrite.

But enough about my opinion about this issue.  This is what’s going to happen with Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  It will be business as usual.  Since Eddie Long is the head of the organization, and there is NO ONE (like Deacons or Trustees) who can hold him accountable, there are most likely other “spiritual sons” that he will sexually abuse.  He will just do better at keeping it on the down low.  The church, in true black church fashion, will “forgive him as Christ has forgiven us” and turn a blind eye.  Some people will leave, because they now see clearly the pimp that Eddie Long really is.  The majority will stay, pray and support their embattled leader because that’s what sheep do.  And as for the good bishop, he will proclaim the battle over.  He will stand in the pulpit and declare GOD’s powerful hand to deliver.  He WILL NOT REPENT or APOLOGIZE for the damage.  He will proclaim the victory over this attack of satan, and nobody will speak of it within the walls of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church again.

Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, and Spencer LeGrande will go away and live their lives quietly, never to be heard from again.  The money they receive is contingent upon their perpetual silence, so their legacy will not be that they fought their abuser and brought him to justice.  They will be the boys Eddie Long purchased.  Their opportunity to give voice to the countless other little boys going through this same type of abuse is gone.  So, Eddie Long will it again and again.

Unfortunately the message sent with this entire ordeal is, the pedophile pimps that the black church call “pastors and bishops” will continue to hurt our children.  And as long as there is enough money to purchase their silence, no one will be able to stop it.