If men really know God enough to represent Him, why all the division in society?

How can hate be preached arrogantly in the name of a loving God that is said to be known so intimately?

How can a human being treat others with such brutality and then pray for the God they say they know to enlarge his territory and bless them indeed?

How can someone who knows the love of God say with their lips that they love others, yet inside the fortified walls of religious piety call for that person’s death?

If a man really knows God, how could he behold diversity and not call it beautiful?

How could a man know God and not welcome truth and love that transcends every humanistic boundary?

How could people who know God judge the humanity of another so harshly?

If the religious people who say they know God are truly representing Him…is the God they say they represent a God we REALLY want to know at all?



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