Yesterday, the weatherman said this week there will be 10-20 more inches of snow falling on top of the 21 inches that fell over the past weekend. Being a country boy from Wichita Falls, Texas, that’s more snow than I have ever seen in my entire life. The snow just looks so beautiful, well until I had to shovel some of it.

Watching the news I saw reports of mudslides in California. And how could I forget the tragedy in Haiti? How could I not remember to pray for those who are suffering? I can’t help but think that maybe Mother Nature has something important to tell us.

All of it made me think about the majesty of God. Looking outside my window made me marvel at the might of His hand…how BIG He truly must be. It also made me think about how small I am in the larger scheme of things.

I remembered be taught how men (humans) were created to “subdue and have dominion over the earth”. I was taught that it is man’s job; his rightful place to rule as “a god” over all that was created. With all that’s going on with nature, it doesn’t look like man has much dominion at all.

Then it hit me, man (human beings) are not “above” nature, we are “a part of” nature. If anything at all, we are subject to nature. The 21 plus inches of snow paralyzed the nation’s capitol. No one could safely drive anywhere. People were having heart attacks just trying to clear the snow from their driveways. Hundreds of thousands were left without power. And need I recap the countless people who are lost and/or dead in Haiti?

When God speaks through us through nature, it’s in our best interest to listen. At the risk of sounding fatal, I think the message is if we don’t take care of the earth, the earth will stop taking care of us. Before the earth let’s us destroy her, she will destroy us.


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  1. Delano Ray Adrian Thompson

    Nature feeds us daily, what do we give nature in return? life needs ballance and by the looks of things there ain’t none…….

    February 9, 2010 at 3:04 am

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